Friday, March 24, 2017 — Indianapolis, IN - As carbon wheels become deeper and valve stems become longer and heavier, light carbon wheels become susceptible to imbalance -- roughly 10-20 grams. At high speeds this is a big deal, and the SpeedBalance solves this issue.

SpeedBalance is the world's first Aerodynamic Wheel Magnet AND tunable balancing system. Built as part of the SILCA Tubeless Collection, it was designed for performance-oriented cyclists with carbon wheels. SpeedBalance is a rim mounted aerodynamic magnet that can save up to 1 watt at 30mph. Four tungsten slugs inside the SpeedBalance allow for custom wheel balancing to offset valve stem weight and create a perfectly balanced wheel. Perfectly balanced wheels improve handling, comfort, and confidence -- particularly on high-speed descents.



  • Custom wheel balancing / offset valve stem weight.

  • 4 small Tungsten slugs

  • 1 large Tungsten slug

  • Flexible adhesive top to fit any wheel and stay firmly attached.