Originally launched in 1989, the SILCA SuperPista was a game changer for the pro mechanic and home mechanic alike. It’s large, ergonomic wooden handle and 50mm of additional stroke changed the perception of what a pump could and should be, taking the focus from the highest possible pressures, to faster inflation to more reasonable pressures. SILCA now introduces a revamped SuperPista, the high-performance little brother of sorts to the SuperPista Ultimate pump introduced nearly two years ago. 

Made using 100% Aluminum construction (not a single plastic component), with an exceptionally wide base for stability, the SuperPista is a user-friendly pump with modern-classic styling. Borrowing many features from the Ultimate like the oversized shoe friendly base geometry, full-grain leather gasket, and IGUS (™) linear bearings for ultimate smoothness, this pump is highly engineered to stand the test of time. The new SuperPista features a solid wooden handle and a larger gauge, making accurate pressure a breeze to execute.


Product Features:

  • Handle:  Kiln Dried Beech Wood, CNC machined to replicate the superior ergonomics of the SuperPista Ultimate handle.
  • Hose: Tough Ballistic Nylon Overbraid Provides 5 times the life expectancy, half the compression of a traditional rubber hose.
  • Top Cap: IGUS (TM) Linear Bearing and Centerless Ground Piston Shaft. Designed directly from high-end Mountain Bike suspension forks, this results in a lifetime of smooth, grease free operation.
  • Gauge: 75mm diameter (3") Gauge with Ultra-High contrast printing process and optical grade anti-glare PMMA lens for ultimate readability in all conditions.  Gauge is accurate within 2% and repeatable within 1% making it more than 2.5x more accurate than traditional floor pump gauges.
  • Chuck: 7075-T6 Aluminum Schrader Chuck. Classic SILCA Push-On/Push-Off chuck adds a fully metal pressure bleed button.
  • Base: 6mm thick base is designed for pumping in cycling cleats, offering maximum stability and eliminating risk of shoe and cleat damage.  Base utilizes the same 3 German Furniture feet from the Ultimate pump which are approved for all indoor flooring surfaces.
  • Piston: 7075-T6 Piston Head with IGUS split bushing directly from Mountain bike rear shocks and same as used in SuperPista Ultimate, provides the ultimate in stability, smooth operation and longevity.
  • Full-grain 3.5mm thick Italian leather plunger provides more than 20x the seal surface area and 100x the life expectancy of common rubber O-ring seals. Leather also holds onto lubricants which allow it to run smoother and at a higher efficiency than rubber components. Grade 10.9 Steel hardware is more than 20x stronger than common plastic piston components.



About Silca

SILCA was founded in 1917 by Felice Sacchi outside of Milan, Italy. SILCA was the first company to put gauges on pumps, the first to produce a true ‘high-pressure’ frame pump and the first to work with revolutionary lightweight material plastic after the end of WWII, and later the first to bring CO2 to roadside inflation. Today SILCA is located in Indianapolis, IN where it continues to build iconic products that utilize the finest materials and craftsmanship available.

835 N Capitol Ave
Indianapolis, IN 46204.