The SILCA SuperPista Digital

The SILCA SuperPista Digital

Heirloom Durability, High Precision and User Friendliness

The SILCA SuperPista Digital combines all of the handcrafted elements which have made SuperPista the go-to pump of the ProTour for more than 30 years. Well regarded and a best seller, the SueperPista Digital has proven itself to be the best in its class.

Built more like a suspension fork than a traditional pump, the SuperPista Digital combines a full metal shock piston design with the classic Italian leather plunger washer and German Igus linear bearings to create the most efficient, smoothest running SuperPista.  

The oversized aluminum base provides more than 2x the stability of other designs while still being optimized for use with cycling shoes. The lathe-turned Ash handle is a geometric copy of the SuperPista Ultimate handle and provides the ultimate in comfort and ergonomics.

The SuperPista Digital utilizes a top-mount hose design with top-mount magnetic chuck storage, putting the chuck right at your fingertips, reducing back strain by eliminating bending over to access or store the chuck.  As with the Ultimate pump, the SuperPista Digital comes standard with the multi-award winning HIRO chuck.  This full metal chuck was originally designed for ultra-high pressure track use, but mechanics have since found that they prefer its compact size, adjustability, and extremely secure hold on all valves.


  • Digital Gauge reads to 220psi, +/-0.5psi below 100 psi, drifting to 2% accuracy at 200psi
  • Comes with SILCA's easy-to-use and award-winning HIRO chuck.
  • "Shock Piston" Design with German IGUS linear bearing and Italian Leather Plunger Washer
  • Lathe-turned Ash wood handle
  • Highly stable aluminum base works well in any footwear including cycling cleats
  • Magnetic Chuck Dock
  • Top-mounted hose for extra reach and ease of use
  • Highly serviceable and rebuildable
  • Lifetime warranty
  • MSRP $275
About Silca

SILCA was founded in 1917 by Felice Sacchi outside of Milan, Italy. SILCA was the first company to put gauges on pumps, the first to produce a true ‘high-pressure’ frame pump and the first to work with revolutionary lightweight material plastic after the end of WWII, and later the first to bring CO2 to roadside inflation. Today SILCA is located in Indianapolis, IN where it continues to build iconic products that utilize the finest materials and craftsmanship available.

835 N Capitol Ave
Indianapolis, IN 46204.