The SILCA Ypsilon Y-Wrench

The SILCA Ypsilon Y-Wrench

A New Twist On A Mechanic's Favorite

Silca has taken the compact and handy layout of the y-wrench and improved on it with the completely new innovation of a customizable 3rd bit slot.

The Ypsilon (pronounced is Silca’s take on the unassuming y-wrench. Pro mechanics, bike shops, and avid home mechanics have long preferred the layout of this tool due to the ergonomic benefits that make it more convenient and more enjoyable to use. Most tools in this layout feature 4mm, 5mm and 6mm keys; meaning that the wrenches for some of the most common use cases in cycling are readily available in one tool. The shape of the y-wrench also offers superior control and stability over traditional hex keys, especially in tighter work spaces.

The Ypsilon was designed by a team of engineers and mechanics who obsess over every fine detail. Unlike traditional y-wrench designs, Ypsilon is customizable and adaptable to the mechanic’s preferences. This is accomplished by using a ¼” bit collet with magnetic attachment in place of one of the hex wrenches. This departure from the traditional y-wrench design was inspired by the versatility of Silca's T-Ratchet + Ti Torque kit, and means that Ypsilon can easily transform into any tool you need simply by swapping out the 3rd bit. The other two ends of the tool 4mm and 5mm hex keys, common to many fasteners across cycling. 

Another key benefit of Ypsilon is the tight tolerances of the keys and bits. Tighter tolerances mean a better tool fit which drastically decreases the likelihood of rounding out fastener heads. These tight tolerances, combined with the CrV steel spine of the tool make Ypsilon incredibly durable. A lightweight composite body with ergonomic grips provide good comfort and control with the contact points of your hand. 

The Ypsilon y-wrench comes in three variations; Ypsilon Home Kit, Ypsilon Travel Kit or just the y-wrench on its own. 


  • Customizable 3rd side using standard 1/4" bits in a magnetic collet
  • Precision Bits and Tight Tolerances for Precision in Use
  • Durable CrV Steel Spine
  • Ergonomic Composite Body

Available in three versions:

  • The Ypsilon Home Kit was inspired by our renowned HX-ONE Home Essentials kit and comes in a custom Birchwood box with a range of Hex, Torx and Screw bits that sit in a customizable foam insert. MSRP $108
  • The Ypsilon Travel Kit comes with everything that the Home Kit comes with minus the box MSRP $74
  • The Ypsilon Wrench, with no extra bits MSRP $36

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